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Web Master Frank was born into a modest household on November 15, 1975 in a small town in southern New Jersey.  Maybe you've heard of it, Atlantic City.  His parents were raised Catholic, but never forced him into any religious ways... well aside from his baptism shortly after birth. 

It wasn't until after he moved to Florida and was  in high school there, that he showed any real interest in Christianity.  He befriended a student who was a preacher at a local Pentecostal Church.  Frank was invited by his fellow student to attend a youth rally, and to hear him and a mutual friend play in their gospel band.  At this point in his life, Frank was agnostic at best.  He believed in God, but never really made God a big part of his life.

It was at this youth rally that Frank first witnessed religious kookery.  Frank recalls a scary incident, "While this one old woman was playing a piano and singing, she started screaming and I heard a 'thump', I figured she had a heart attack and dropped dead... well she wasn't so lucky, she started running around the church saying things like 'sha la la la la balalalala'.  I thought she was joking, but I learned later that she was speaking in tongues... what a frigging kook". 

Somewhat startled by what he learned that the religious do, he began a little soul searching.  He attended quite a few churched to understand where they were coming from, and in hopes to find out where he was going.  He spoke with many pastors about their churches and their beliefs, but never got anywhere.  Here Frank recalls a conversation that would start the change to Atheism.

"I was talking to a preacher who was trying to make me become part of his church.  He said that if my family and I didn't get saved, that we were sure to go to Hell.  I told him that we were good people, and have never done anything to get a ticket to Hell.  He insisted though that it was a matter of being 'born again' to be able to go to Heaven.  So I, being the smart ass I can be, asked, 'So if Adolf Hitler became born again just before he died... he would go to heaven, but I would go to Hell?' and he said yes, that was the case.  Needless to say I found that to be stupid, and decided to start reading the Bible, something that I had never done before, to see where he got this crap".

Before he had the chance to read the Bible, one of his father's coworkers came over, and started preaching like a madman.  Talking all sorts of things that would lead us to Hell.  He then left us a New King James Version of the Bible.  Which both he and his mother read.

"It was a real eye opener," said Frank in a recent interview, "from page one, I found the Bible  impossible to believe.  Moreover, I felt like a dolt for all the years I said I believed in God and so on.  Maybe it was due to my love of science throughout childhood, but to me this book was an utter joke".

After reading the Bible and finding many errors and impossibilities, he not only solidified his Atheism, but he went back and asked the pastors he knew about them.  The results were astonishing.  Many pastors lead him on a Biblical wild goose chase.  Sending him from one version to another.  Some resulted in verbal and physical attacks.

He started to keep notebooks on errors he found in the Bible, and would surf the internet chat rooms looking for answers.  It was during this time he decided to make a web based notebook for his personal use, so he could copy and paste scriptures.  A year or so went by and he had showed his research to some friends of his, as well as family members.  It was at their suggestion, that he made the site a little more eye catching and opened it to the public.  In 1998, Bible Belt was opened on Angelfire.com.  And it was a hit!

Due to the popularity, but limited advertising ability of Angelfire, Frank went domain shopping.  He found that BibleBelt.com was already taken.  So he an his brother were brainstorming for domain names.  They arrived on BibleBabble.com, and in August of 2000, Frank purchased the domain name, and signed up with the good people at An Entrance and has been bringing the Bible to you ever since.

Frank's religious study has not been solely in the Christian faith.  He has studied Islam, Scientology, Sacred Geometry, Wicca, and  many others.  The reason he has Bible Babble, and not Qu'ran Babble, or Dianetics Babble is simple.  "Christianity is the bloodiest and most oppressive of all.  This is through out history, and if they could get away with it presently." Frank explains, "the other religions aren't activly trying to become part of the national government, nor do you see Hindu groups bombing abortion clinics, raiding night clubs, and forcing their beliefs on others.  Christianity needs to be exposed and stopped".

Frank is currently attending college in Florida, majoring in Engineering Technology and Business Management.  He used to be an engineering technologist for a now defunct engineering firm where he worked on projects for NASA, the US Navy, and many other worldwide companies.  In his spare time you can find him reading.  His favorite authors are Douglas Adams, Friedrich Nietzsche, Terry Pratchett, and Stephen King.  He also enjoys hockey, movies, and nature... and killing monsters in Asheron's Call on Zone.com.

Frank enjoys getting e-mail from his visitors, and responds to all of them.  Feel free to drop a line at biblebabble@usa.net.

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