The Holy Bible...  A Perfect Book or Roadmap to Doom and Despair?



The Holes in the Holy Bible

The Holy Bible is considered by many the infallible word of God.  It was not just written by man, but rather written by God through man.  This book is the cornerstone to the Christian and Judaic religions, without this book, they have nothing to hold their beliefs to.  With these  two things in mind, one would think that it would have to be one heck of a book.  Not only 100% correct in every manner, but chock full of wonderful teachings, pleasant miracles by the all loving God, but scientifically tested and proven as a source of answers to the unknown mysteries of our earth and universe as well.

Well as you are about to see, there are a great many errors, contradictions, and misrepresentations as far as the scientific accuracy of the Bible.  The stories are often jumbled and don't match the other books.  Worst of all it justifies a great deal of negative things in society such as gay bashings and abusing women and children.

Don't just take my word for it, as always I encourage everyone to read the Bible to check what I say. 

Contradictions - Here is a look at where the Bible contradicts itself.

Miscellaneous Errors - Errors about numerous thing Science has taught us.

The Creation - A look at some obvious flaws which should keep the Bible out of Science classes.

The Treatment of Women - A few examples that will make you wonder why women follow the Bible.

Laws - Some things the Bible teaches as being fair and just.

Family Values - Things to Remember When a Politician Talks About his Family Values


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