One of the Many Reasons to Keep the Bible Out of Schools



The Creation

But first a little disclaimer

My personal belief about the beginning of the universe is simple.  Nobody knows, nor will anyone ever be certain.  I do believe there will be some good theories, and so on, but never concrete proof, ruling out the invention of time travel or something like that.  But I do believe the Bible is incorrect, and therefore should never be in public schools, especially in science class.

The Two Accounts of Creation

If there is one thing to be said about the Bible, its that it doesn't waste time in contradicting itself.  Technically the very first word of the Bible is the beginning of the first contradiction.  The very first thing the Bible covers is creation, and there are two accounts of creation in Genesis... two different accounts.  The first account starts at Genesis 1:1 and ends at Genesis 2:3.  The second account begins at Genesis 2:4 and ends at Genesis 2:25.  Now let's see how they differ.

The order of creation in the first account.

1.  Heaven and Earth

2.  Light (night and day)

3.  Sky

4.  Plants

5.  Sun, moon, and stars

6.  Fish and birds

7.  Land animals

8.  Man and woman at the same time

The order of creation in the second account

1.  Man

2.  Plants

3.  Birds and land animals

4.  Woman

There is a reason to this, as there is for many of the errors in the Bible.  The first account originated in a time when man wanted to believe that they were God's pride and joy.  That this world was made for mankind.  God created everything, and made this nice little place for him to put his masterpiece... man.  The second account is from a time when men were seeking dominance over women, and justified it by saying man was God's original creation, and worked with God in naming things.  Then women were made from a left over part of a man.  Women always get dumped on in the Bible.

Errors in the Creation

Aside from the obvious contradictions, there are just a lot of things in this short section of the Bible that just doesn't make sense. 

In Genesis 1:1 it says "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.", then later on in Genesis 1:8 it says "And God called the firmament Heaven."  So did he create heaven twice?  Are there two heavens?  I thought maybe the first statement was just saying what God did, then it was going to explain in detail how he created heaven and earth... but in Genesis 1:2 the earth has already been created.  So I have to believe that there was a double creation of heaven.

On the first day, God created light.  No problem there, right?  But God didn't create any sources of light until the forth day.  So did he only invent the concept of  light on the first day, but no light was around until the forth day?  If he had light, as well as darkness, and light and day... then why did he have to make the sun, moon, and stars?  No matter how you look at the subject of light during the creation, it just doesn't add up.

Sunlight brings us to another problem.  We know the sun was created on the forth day... but plants were created on the third day.  We know plants require sunlight to live, so why did God make these things in this backwards order?  Now if we take the literal time frame, and a day in creation as being a 24 hour period, the plant thing isn't a real problem... plants can survive 24 hours.  But then the whole creation story loses credibility... who really believes the universe was created in less than a week?  Not even most creationist believe this one.  That is why many people say that a day in the creation was 1,000 to 7,000 years (depending on who you ask).  Name a plant that can live 7,000 years with perfect conditions... much less with no sunlight.

Creation Science

This is possibly the biggest oxymoron of all time.  How could you call anything that supported the story of creation as fact a science?  Its amazing that anyone would try to get this stuff taught in class as a fact, do you believe it?  With all of these errors?  Be honest.


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