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This site contains views which may be offensive to crybabies and other people who cannot accept the fact that not everyone thinks the same as them.  So if you are ignorant, a crybaby, or oppressive, this site may not be for you.

This site also may contain language that is offensive.  Especially in the song section, so if people saying bad words makes you want to run to your mommy and cry, do not look at this site.

This site was made with the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer in mind.  So if it doesn't work on your Netscape, or some cool "Linux only" browser.  Then don't blame me, swallow your pride and download Microsoft Internet Explorer.  You can find that at Microsoft.com....  obviously.

The Bible verse quoted on this site are all from the King James Version of the Bible.  I chose this version because after talking to professors of theology and pastors as well, this was the one most agreed on.  TAKE NOTE, NOT ALL THE CONTRADICTIONS ON THIS SITE ARE IN ALL VERSIONS OF THE BIBLE.  The more recent translations (NIV, NLB, Darby's and some others) have had them edited out.  This was brought to my attention by a professor I had, he would not allow these translations to be used in his classes.  These Bibles claim to use original manuscripts, but if you read the footnotes on some of the more thorough editions they tend to say things like "According to one Greek manuscript, most of the other manuscripts say 'blah blah blah'".  This is usually where a contradiction once was.

The reason this this site was created was to be a personal notebook for myself.  It originally was never intended to be open for the public to read.  It wasn't until after I showed it to a few close friends and relatives that I decided that others may like it.  I NEVER advertise this as being a pro-Christian site, I NEVER mislead anyone to this site, I NEVER put misleading descriptions on search engines.  So if you are here it means you were looking for a anti-Christianity site.  So don't even think of complaining about it.  If it bothers you at any point just click the little "x" at the upper right hand corner.  I can't believe I have to tell people that.

Basic Beliefs of BibleBabble.com

All religions have been a hindrance to the progression of mankind, but since the dawn of time, but no religion has been as bloody and oppressive than Christianity.

Mankind should focus on the known and tangible, and should embrace science and education.  NOT put faith in the unknown and that which cannot be proven above the progression of mankind.

There should be a global separation of Church and State.  No religion should have any influence on a nation's political state nor on its policies.

Morality is manmade.  The concept of right and wrong has nothing to do with any myths or fairy tales.

No society should be forced into the financial support of any religious groups or programs.  This includes but is not limited to tax exemptions for churches, government vouchers to private religious schools, and religion based reform in the prisons.

Everyone has the right to question what the read and/or hear, regardless of what they are told by their churches.  It is also encouraged that you question this site.  Don't just take what you read as true, get a Bible and see that it is true.  I may type this and code this site for you, but I shouldn't have to think for you too.


Other not so Interesting Stuff

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