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Deceptive Christian Propaganda

No doubt you have been walking down a street, in a store, or in a public bathroom, when you look down and there in front of you is a ten dollar bill, or a wallet, maybe even a nice folded up hundred dollar bill. You see the money and think that today is my lucky day (or in case of the wallet you hope there's ID so you can return the wallet), but when you pick it up it's actually something promoting Christianity. Who hasn't had this happen?

Does this make you think about being "saved"? Or does it sicken you how low Christians will stoop to force their beliefs on you? Typically, I get sick. I work with a man who keeps one of the hundred dollar bills in his wallet for preaching purposes, and as I was talking to him about work, bills, and all the fun things in life, he said "Here, maybe this will help" and handed me the $100 bill. I had that brief feeling of joy... that is until I looked at the preaching on the back of it. This is what followed:

Me: You know, you're probably pissing God off with that thing.
Him: No, I'm spreading his word.
Me: Yeah, but you're doing it through false pretences. He's probably looking down saying "How DARE you deceive my children".
Him: You know, I never thought about that (then quickly changes the subject to my father's knee surgery)

I can't believe that these people who make and distribute these things don't see just how annoying they are, not to mention blasphemous. There is no way that somebody picks these up and thinks "Boy am I glad this wasn't money, I have to go to church and follow the writings on this thing"? These are no better than the porno sites that send you that e-mail saying "click here to improve your life". These people are God's spammers... and spamming is illegal.

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