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Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and the Evil of the 700 Club.

I will be the first to admit I was far from being a Dale Earnhardt fan, nor do I feel he's a national hero. But I certainly feel bad for anybody who loses a loved one as Dale Earnhardt, Jr did. I feel even worse when Christians use a personal disaster to their advantage. Maybe you've heard about this.

Dale Earnhardt, Jr has been declining to do interviews since his father's death, rightfully so, after all it was his dad, let private things remain private. He had never planned an "exclusive" interview regarding his dad's death, to anybody. He did consent to speak on the NASCAR chaplain's advice for a small special on the 700 Club. The piece was about the NASCAR chaplain, and it was just going to have a small sound bite from Dale Earnhardt, Jr... so he thought.

The CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network, Pat Robertson's network to push propaganda on) crews came and set up for the interview. Once the tape was rolling, they ambushed Dale Earnhardt, Jr into a full out interview about his father. Dale was afraid of looking bad, so he answered question after question, questions he never wanted to answer for anyone. If this wasn't enough, after the ambush, the interviewer opened up a bag of Dale Earnhardt, Jr products for Dale to sign, which he did in fear of looking bad.

When the segment aired, it was an exclusive interview with Dale Earnhardt, Jr... there was brief mention of the chaplain, but only in passing. In fact, on the front page of the 700 Club homepage (I refuse to link them) it reads and I quote "EXCLUSIVE Dale Earnhardt Jr. Interview Dale reveals how the death of his father has changed him completely". When you read the interview, Dale Beaver (the chaplain) is mentioned once. It fails to mention how Scott Ross (the interviewer) got this exclusive through blackmail and flat out lies.

Scott Ross is a disgusting low life... no better than any other blackmailer, liar, scumbag you'd find in the hardest of prisons. And his utter disrespect for fellow humans just shows what the entire CBN is all about. Lies, deception, corruption, and greed. Pat Robertson knew this was going to happen, he knew at the get go that they were going to lie their asses off to get Dale to speak to them. He can deny it until he's blue in the face, but it just shows that EVERYTHING he has his hands in is corrupt, fraudulent, and is in need of serious investigation. I hope Dale Earnhardt Jr forgets about how he looks long enough to sue Pat Robertson into a cardboard box.

A Little Bit More about the 700 Club

I guess I feel the worst for all the poor saps that sit there and watch the 700 club, and take it in, and believe it, and send Pat Robertson money. It just shows what Pat Robertson is, a man who can manipulate others by using hidden agendas, blackmail, and deceiving the public... much like someone else, who was it? Some German guy, Adolf something or other. It amazes me that all these people soak in what he says and sends him all this money to support his scams and lies.

Have you ever wondered what the 700 club is? It sounds like a nice club, like the Volkswagen club, or a bridge club, right? Well, it's not like that, you don't need any special interests, skills, or cars... heck you don't even need to be Christian to be in the 700 club. All you need is $20 per month, that's right, just give Adolf... I mean Pat Robertson $240 per year to finance his crusade of lies and hatred, and you can be a part of this club.

There are other clubs too... the 700 Club is the most known because it cheapest... the others are as follows:

The 700 Club Gold, this one costs twice as much as the plain 700 club, $40/$480.
The 1000 Club, a steal at $84 per month, or $1,000 per year.
The 2500 Club, a bargain at $209 per month, or $2,500 per year
The Founder's Club, same price as a new fully loaded car, $417 per month, $5,000 per year.
The funny thing is this, there is no mention of anything that you get in return. You just get to say you're a member... no cards, no swimsuit issue, not even a lava lamp.

Still have money left over, well for $10,000 per year (only $834 per month) you can become part of the Chairman's Circle. For $10,000, you get: A monthly conference call with Pat Robertson (maybe a "sound alike" we've already established the integrity of this organization).
A monthly personal prayer call. Whatever that is, no details are given... better be a call from God for $10,000.
Monthly series of audio tapes. That's right, not even CDs. I bet that's what $20,000 per year would get you.
Monthly newsletter, whoop-dee-do. GI Joe has one of those... and it's free.
A pin. Wow.

So far that $10,000 got you about $2 worth of crap. The other $9,998 goes to wonderful things like blackmailing celebrities such as Dale Earnhardt, Jr, broadcasting Robertson's fine blend of ignorance, hatred and bigotry. And if that isn't enough, maybe a new Rolex, Jaguar, or that nice house in France Pat's had his eye on.

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