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Love Thy Neighbor, Unless It's Jim Bakker.

Okay, so I don't go outside and see Jim Bakker watering his lawn. But I did just find out he moved to a small community about 30 miles north of me. Not only that, but he was given land to build a Christian retreat nearby. This is just proof that life will always find a way to suck.

This is what i don't get, okay, let me rephrase that... this is one of the infinite things I don't get about the whole Jimmy Bakker thing. Didn't we see this whole thing a decade or so ago? Didn't he have this retreat with amusement parks, bath houses, air conditioned dog houses, wife that looked like a clown, $35,000 watches, and so on? Didn't it end up in an affair, tax fraud, and misery in general? HOW CAN IT HAPPEN AGAIN?!?!?! AND SO CLOSE TO ME?!?!?!?!

This is a serious problem, these forgiving and star struck Christians letting him do this. I don't live in a rich community, the whole area is either retired military, active military, old people, or inbred hillbillies. Most of these people are devout protestants, and would probably either miss a trailer payment or give half their social security check to Jim Bakker if it was God's will. They don't care that he's convict. "Jesus forgave the fraud, so he's okay in my book... I only make $200 a week, but Mr. Bakker said God wanted me to give him $350 a week, so I guess I'll have to get another job, praise the lord".

How can anybody take this jerk seriously? Have you seen his new wife? She looks like Tammy Faye... HOW DOES SOMEONE FIND ANOTHER PERSON THAT LOOKS THAT UGLY? This guy has some sort of clown fetish, and people think this is a good representative of God? No wonder I'm an atheist. The Virgin Mary must have looked like Bozo for God to pick her out. The one sign Jesus may have been semi-sane is that he rejected his Bozo of a mom. I can see why she would have had to have god make her pregnant... Joseph wasn't into clowns and Jim Bakker was still 1900 and some odd years away from being born.

This whole Jim Bakker thing makes me so mad, it just shows how many Christians are really frigging stupid. These gullible schmucks are willing to take this maggot back in their hearts because they read that you should forgive people... Forgive maybe, but I don't recall forget. This is insane. I'd rather have a crack house next to me than a Bakker house.

This reminds me of when all the local religious goobers in local politics attacked topless bars and started raiding them and fining them. At the time a new church was built about a block from me, and there is a topless bar about 3/4 mile from me. I told my mom that I'd rather the topless bar was closer and the church was farther, after all the topless bar pays taxes and funds the community, the church just brainwashes then steals. That brainwashing is helping out the Bakker family.

Here Jim BaKKKer displays the $35,000+ watch Jesus bought him.  After all his followers give God the money, so Jim couldn't have bought the watch on his own.

I guess maybe I should bake Jim and Lori Bakker a cake, and welcome them to the Florida panhandle. I guess it was fate for them to panhandle in the panhandle, but seriously, scumbags that they are, they are neighbors, and we should love thy neighbor. At least I know I won't covet his wife. If I can ever find a picture of Lori Bakker to post, I will get it on here. After all, you could print it and put it in your cornfield and keep the crows away.


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