An Explanation of the God of Gaps



Gaps in Knowledge + Inability to Accept Mysteries = God

The Gap God, or more commonly know as the God of Gaps, is the gaps between things that we know.  The way that most people "prove God" is by using God as a fail safe answer to anything they don't know.  These people are typically uncomfortable with the idea of anything being a mystery.

One can see evidence of the God of Gaps by studying history.  As science has progressed, God has shrunken.  You can see that just in how people used to think that God was the cause of sunrises, tides, weather systems, disease, and pretty much everything else which was a mystery... and back then there were far more simple things that were mysteries in comparison to what we can learn with the technology of today.

This trend can also be seen in the Bible itself.  Sometimes things are stated incorrectly and are attributed to God.  Whether it was  flat earths, geocentric universes, or four legged locusts.  All mysteries which have been solved, thus expanding knowledge, and shrinking God.

Today, on the other hand,  the only evidence that people can come up with is by asking questions.  "Where did we come from?" or "where did (place anything here.. tree, water, stars) come from?" or "where are we going when we die?"  While intriguing questions, they are no more evidence of God than "Where will this come in handy?" is evidence of a practical application of synthetic division. 

It's all a matter of placing the words "it must be God" after any question you don't know the answer to.  It's not evidence of God, just evidence of a mystery you cannot accept.  That,  my friends, is the God of Gaps.


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