God:  All Loving and Knowing Being... or Just a Gap in Man's Knowledge?




One thing everyone must keep in mind at all times is that the Bible is the only evidence that any Christian has of God.  And also keep in mind that the Bible is not evidence.  Any rationalization of the Belief in God is strictly circular or in an attempt to answer an unknown.  So keep in mind when reading this, that I have no belief in God, and by writing this I am not saying that I believe in God as some have tried to say in e-mails.  I am only humoring believers when I mention anything about God's existence and doings.  So here it goes...

God.  An all knowing, all loving, and genuinely perfect being in all ways.  Believed in by the vast majority of the population, and yet cannot be proven.  We come to know God as one who helps us,  and loves us unconditionally, he defines perfection in a sense that we could never  comprehend. 

He appears to some in dreams, or in stains in glass, and sometimes as a potato chip.  He inspires many and is always there to take credit for good things.  But he cannot be proven, nor is there the smallest shred of evidence of any God existing.


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