The Lineage of the Lord



The Christ Family Tree

Sounds important, huh?  Well it should, lineage is an important thing when it comes to verifying who someone is.  So naturally, when one thinks of such an important birth and life as Jesus Christ's, that lineage would be no problem.  After all,  stars formed, wise men traveled,  just for his birth.  The problem is that the Gospels don't agree on where Jesus came from.

In order to fulfill prophecy, Jesus had to have been born in the line of David.  Yet, the Bible traces Jesus to David, through Joseph... who had nothing to do with Jesus being conceived.  Let's overlook that and just take a gander at  how they do trace Jesus back and tell me if you notice anything.


The Gospel According to Matthew

The Gospel According to Luke

1. David

2. Solomon

3. Roboam

4. Abia

5. Asa

6. Josaphat

7. Joram

8. Ozias

9. Joatham

10. Achaz

11. Ezekias

12. Manasses

13. Amon

14. Josias

15. Jechonias

16. Salathiel

17. Zorobabel

18. Abiud

19. Eliakim

20. Azor

21. Sadoc

22. Achim

23. Eliud

24. Eleazar

25. Matthan

26. Jacob

27. Joseph

28. Jesus

















1. David

2. Nathan

3. Mattatha

4. Menan

5. Melea

6. Eliakim

7. Jonan

8. Joseph

9. Juda

10. Simeon

11. Levi

12. Matthat

13. Jorim

14. Eliezer

15. Jose

16. Er

17. Elmodam

18. Cosam

19. Addi

20. Melchi

21. Neri

22. Salathiel

23. Zorobabel

24. Rhesa

25. Joanna

26. Juda

27. Joseph

28. Semei

29. Mattathias

30. Maath

31. Nagge

32. Esli

33. Naum

34. Amos

35. Mattathias

36. Joseph

37. Janna

38. Melchi

39. Levi

40. Matthat

41. Heli

42. Joseph

43. Jesus


Well, I certainly don't think it takes Sherlock Holmes to see the problems there.  But just in case you don't see any difference, I highlighted the only names the lists have in common.

Now believers may say that this isn't important, but they could be no more wrong.  This is crucial.  This is the proof for a prophecy, and their own Holy Book inspired by the perfect God cannot show the evidence.  Not only that, but come on, they can't even agree on who Jesus' grandfather was.  That is sad. 

And what is with this 15 generation tolerance?  That is 3 times more than what the average person can trace back on their family tree.  It's laughable, at best.


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