Jesus Christ: Messiah, Jewish Reformer, or Just Another Fictional Character?



Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is thought to be the most influential person in history.  Which is odd because there is no evidence of his existence.  No birth certificate, no writings by him, not a single thing.  The only evidence of his existence is the Bible, and we already know the Bible is not evidence.

You would think that someone as important as the Son of God would have had a bit more written about him in his day.  After all, Stars were formed for his birth,  wise men traveled to a cave full of sheep crap to see him.  Yet nobody once thought "we should be writing this stuff down"?  Come on, we have knowledge of emperors and rulers from years and years before Jesus, and yet nothing from the most important man of all time?

The only thing we have are the gospels... books written by his followers nearly 70 years after his death.  We all know that memories don't fade over 70 years, now would his followers do anything to make him look better than he really was... would they?  Hell, my grandmother can't even get her own kid's names straight.  Yet it is believed that Mark, Luke, Matthew, and John had perfect memories in their 80s?

Well as you will see, all of this really leaves the question of who Jesus was unanswerable.


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