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Essays and Book Reviews

Here are some more personal views, not so much based on the Bible or specific Doctrine.  Just whatever come to mind.  And not just my mind, but your mind as well.  As I invite everyone who has an interesting Atheist viewpoint on religion, or a viewpoint on Christianity as seen from a different religion.  Send it to and if I like it, I will post it.  Include any copyright information and any personal information you might like to include on a short "about the author" page.  The e-mail address you send the essay from will be posted (unless you have a different e-mail address you'd prefer) because I'm not taking the heat for your opinions.

Warning, some of these take a while to load.  Please be patient!


W. Josef Lindermann, Ph.D.

The Christian War on Science - A Look at Way Science is Twisted to Support Creationism.


John Godell

Origins of the Bible -  Where the Bible came from and the exploitation of Jesus.

The Unholy Bible - Pre-Darwinian mythology and post-Darwinian nonsense

Religious Anthropology - The Exploitation of Faith.

Unholy Deceptions in Christianity - Miracles and Relics.


Web Master Frank

Soliciting for God - The Most Annoying of All solicitors

Deceptive Christian Propaganda - Why Must Christians Resort to Trickery?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the 700 Club - Exploiting personal tragedy for the Lord.

Love thy Neighbor - Unless it's Jim Bakker.


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